Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Tracy Kidder sagt ...

“Anyone who writes for a living and doesn’t admit to being very lucky is almost certainly insane.”

Und zwar sagt der Journalist und Autor dies im ersten Teil eines Interviews auf der empfehlenswerten nieman storyboard-Site.

Im zweiten Teil des Interviews beschreibt Kidder seine Arbeitsweise so:

"I make up a kind of outline, and then I just start writing. I try to write really fast, ... In part, I think it is sort of true that I write as fast as I can to prevent remorse for having written badly. ... What really matters is what comes out at the end. I love to rewrite. I think it’s one of the great gifts that is given to a writer, to be able to rewrite, to take back what you’ve written and write it better before anyone else has to see it, ..."