Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

Tweets zum Thema Schreiben (32)

Hier (etwas verspätet) meine Tweets der vergangenen Woche über das Schreiben und verwandte Themen:
Neu in meinem Blog: Von Tucholsky guten Satzbau lernen
RT : DIN-5008 - Schreib- und Gestaltungsregeln für die Textverarbeitung
"language is not, and has never been, solid"
RT : Worth reading: Phil Davis, 'Copy Editing and Open Access Repositories ', plus comments:

! MT : Gefühlstonleitern -- Wie Sie in wenigen Worten Menschen bezaubern und begänsehauten .
RT : The most authentic endings are the ones which are already revolving towards another beginning. – Sam Shepard
Thriller-Autor James Rollins über Kurzgeschichten
Expect the Unexpected: Creating Plot Twists
MT : Author Liane Moriarty shares her best pieces of writing advice
Thriller-Autor James Rollins sagt über seine Romanfiguren ...

TV: Return of scripted shows
"Often ... scripted programs are perceived to be safer harbors for advertisers than reality programs. "
"Ultimately, the hunger for richly detailed characters and robust plot development benefits writers"

MT : The News Article Is Breaking Up But this isn't bad news for long form journalism. It's good.
wow RT : Die “Schnäppchen-Plattform” Groupon beschäftigt mehr Redakteure als die Süddeutsche Zeitung
All about Stories: How to Tell Them, How They're Changing, and What T... - via
"People have assumed that new media means short media, ... that's just not true"
Sites like Slate have found that their longer pieces get more emailed and more read

RT : The Pricing of ebooks and Perceived Value
MT : Mystery Writers of America opens membership door to eBook & POD publishers.
RT : E-Books selbst gemacht: Braucht Ihr Buch eine ISBN?
RT : Is Twitter writing or is it speech? Why it's time to change the way we think about social media
RT : 4 tools to promote your author blog on Twitter & Tumblr:
RT : I love this. Crowdfunded book publishing:
Am 16. Juni geht's los: Meets Twitter: Boiling Down 'Ulysses' -

Schreiben und Reflektieren als wichtiger Teil der Medizin
"Training in writing needs to become a part of how scientists are brought up."