Montag, 5. September 2011

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Seien und Sie (geschlechter)gerecht
Vor 1 Jahr in meinem Blog: KUA - keine unüblichen Abkürzungen
Neu im September: von und von mir :-)

Ann Patchett's lessons on writing, from Byliner
! RT : Quote of the Day, from Nadine Gordimer:
RT : A method for developing an elevator pitch:
RT : Perils of writing your 15th book in a series: Just realized the reason this scene is writing itself is because I have written it before
RT : Miserable novels bore me. I don’t want to read a miserable book about misery. – Barry Hannah
RT : TV writers? Sorkin. Norman Lear. Joss Whedon. RT Who inspired you the most?
MT : Write every day. Watch a lot of TV, dissect ur fave shows. RT any advice for an aspiring television writer?

MT : Yay! MT thrilled I am latest guest at , talking about being Scary Disease Girl...
Und eine gute Nachricht: Journalisten erhalten nach Anmeldung kostenfreien Zugang zur Cochrane Library
MT : Am 19.10. wählen d Freischreiber "die fairste und die fieseste" Redaktion Deutschlands 2011. via
SciWrite 2011 interesting notes from this Santa Fe Workshop:

By the Time A Self-Published Author Hits it Big, Do They Really Need a Publisher? | Nathan Bransford, Author
buhu RT : Die Buchindustrie jammert wieder rum und behauptet: Piraten machen E-Book-Markt kaputt
RT : E-Books und Lesegeräte: Erste „eLibrary“ auf der IFA
"Der Kopierschutz ist ein Hindernis" nicht bei meinen EBooks :-)
Hier noch mal mein Post: Warum DRM dumm ist und Offenheit gut
The Race to the Bottom zur Anti-Digital/Raubkopierer-Panikmache
RT : Great, do I have to be Captain Buzzkill and gently point out that if illegal dl of comics stopped right this second ...
RT : ... odds are comic sales of would not increase by any noticeable %? INot just "odds are" but "almost certainly given available research"?
RT : Just ... let's not pretend "comics won't be around" b/c of piracy. If comics "die" per se, corporate decisions over decades made it happen.
RT : Yeah, sure.According to all available research, there's no evidence piracy has significant economic effect. Including my TV shows.
S. vorige Posts: gehört zu den Kreativen/Urhebern, die nicht glauben, dass Raubkopierer großen Schaden anrichten. Recht hat er.
How I got my ITIN (US Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) great advice for people who pub on & smashw.
interessant RT : Announcing “” (beta): Connecting readers with their favorite writers and their books.
Free Software for Indie Authors | Publish Your Own Ebooks
MT :  "Die stärkste Waffe im Kampf gegen Piraterie ... ein nutzerfreundliches legales Angebot“ via
RT : How authors can use to share audiobooks, reading recordings & podcasts:
"you can build momentum in ebooks whereas in print your book wld be pulled from the shelves before it got any momentum"
Bob Mayer Interview – Selling 80,000 eBooks in One Month
Staatliche Datenschützer fördern die Monopolisierung im Internet: Weichert und der Sargnagel für d..

RT : An interesting story reflecting the author's role in traditional cover design
Author Sues Publisher for Restraint of Trade

Academic publishers make Murdoch look like a socialist | George Monbiot I totally agree
"a single article published by one of Elsevier's journals will cost you $31.50. Springer...€34.95, Wiley-Blackwell, $42"
! MT : Pay $32 to learn "The article has been permanently retracted"? Story at Retraction Watch via
! RT : So when does academic publishing get disrupted?…
RT : RT : Direct action nerds who set knowledge free